Education 🎓

  • 09/17 - 07/21
    Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, The University of Sheffield
  • 09/12 - 06/17
    M.Sci. Physics with Astrophysics, University of Glasgow       (First Class)
    • Master's Thesis - A Statistical Analysis of Type III Solar Radio Bursts.
    • Modules with over 85% GPA include: Relativistic quantum field theory, General relativity and gravitation, Astronomical data analysis, Dynamics, electrodynamics and relativity.

Experience 💼

  • 06/21 - Now
    Data Science Coach, Multiverse
    • Leading and upskilling ~40 apprentices, including career starters and career developers, through one-to-one coaching and group delivery.
    • Taught modules include: Querying with SQL (Relational/non-relational DBMS), Statistics (Sampling distributions, parametric/non-parametric testing and Time-series forecasting) and Machine Learning (Linear/Logistic regression, PCA, KNN/decision trees, natural language processing).
  • 09/17 - 06/21
    Graduate Teaching Assistant, The University of Sheffield
    • 3+ years experience in assisting and leading university-level tutorials on applied mathematics modules, including vectors and mechanics, multivariate calculus and complex analysis, and scientific computing and simulations.
  • 08/19 - 03/20
    Maths and Statistics Tutor, MASH, The University of Sheffield
    • Provided consultancy on mathematical concepts to students from a non-mathematical background, including how to correctly utilise statistical methods and solve differential equations.

Skills 💻

  • Programming
    • Python (8 years), Git, Linux/Bash, MATLAB (3 years), CSS, HTML, IDL (2 years), SQL (1 year).
  • General
    • Data science, mathematics, statistics, public speaking, academic and creative writing.

Hobbies 🏋️‍♂️

  • In my spare time, I enjoy working out, playing chess and learning some song I'm obsessed with on the piano!